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Pharmacy spending is out of control and wreaking havoc on the bottom line of employers nationwide. In fact, the average prescription drug prices in the U.S. are 2.56 times higher than in other developed countries. At Leaf Health, we help our clients rein in the rising costs of prescription drugs by implementing proven strategies for efficiently managing their pharmacy benefits—without sacrificing patient care.

We have assembled a robust team of industry experts that work hard to advocate for our clients. We help you get to the root of the problem.

Why Leaf Health?

Robert Shelley and Warren Borders discussing Why Leaf Health?
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Our Team


Robert Shelley - Founding Partner and CEO

Robert Shelley


Rob Shelley is Leaf Health’s Founding Partner and CEO. He has been working as an executive in the Pharmaceutical, Pharmacy Benefits Management, and Pharmacy Benefit Consulting sector for more than 30 years. He has successfully
managed billion-dollar PBM procurements and audits for leading employers, carriers, TPAs, and government entities.

Rob’s area of expertise includes drug manufacturer formulary rebate administration, recent specialty drug costs, utilization trends, PBM Evaluation, and auditing. He also specializes in the areas of PBM pricing and regulatory and health plan Medicare Part D compliance.

Rob is passionate about advocating and helping improve the overall competitive position of Leaf’s clients without sacrificing care.

Tiffany Shelley


Tiffany Shelley is Leaf Health’s founding partner and President.

With more than thirty years in the healthcare and employee benefits industry, Tiffany is a visionary leader dedicated to creating better outcomes for our partners and their clients. Her area of expertise spans across fully-insured and self-insured offerings, underwriting, analytics, and consulting services. Her creativity helps to introduce strategies that don’t just tick boxes but truly empower organizations to improve their benefit offerings.

Tiffany’s leadership inspires, pushing boundaries and positioning Leaf Health as a trusted partner and industry leader dedicated to driving innovation and empowering organizations in a competitive market. Her expertise is unmatched.

Other Leadership

Hugh Gallagher - VP of Client Engagement

Hugh Gallagher

SVP Growth

Hugh has been a member of the Leaf Health team since November 2021. As a proven pharmacy benefits industry leader, Hugh is on a mission to “change the PBM game.”

Leading the company’s national sales efforts, Gallagher demonstrates the effectiveness of Leaf Health’s ethical, transparent, and clinically driven business model – a model that stands out in the industry thanks to its full alignment with patient and plan sponsor interests.

Gallagher’s consultative approach emphasizes the company’s core focus on clinical programs, incorporating clinical discussions into the selling process to ensure each client benefits from a program designed to meet their specific needs.

Warren Borders - VP of Client Engagement

Warren Borders

SVP Client Engagement

Since 2004, Warren has been working in the pharmacy benefit management Industry in the areas of sales and client management. He has gained valuable industry knowledge and experience working for medium and large-size PBMs.

Warren is dedicated to helping his clients navigate the various aspects of pharmacy benefits including PBM pricing, contract negotiation, savings analyses, financial modeling, and pharmacy analytics. He has helped his clients make knowledgeable and informed decisions to improve their bottom line, retain employees and grow their business.

Troy Lannoo - VP of Client Engagement

Troy Lannoo

SVP Client Engagement

Troy has been in the healthcare industry for more than 17 years and has extensive experience in health services planning, strategy, and management.

Troy is responsible for partnering with senior leaders of his assigned accounts to navigate the various aspects of the pharmacy benefit including PBM pricing, contract negotiation, savings analyses, financial modeling, and pharmacy analytics.

In addition, he is responsible for leading and coordinating the activities of multiple internal departments to deliver best-in-class service while promoting trend management solutions to help clients achieve lower overall costs, increase membership engagement, and provide positive health outcomes.

Calvin Mickel - VP of IT, Analytics, and Reporting

Calvin Mickel

SVP IT Analytics & Reporting

Calvin and his team are responsible for consuming and analyzing data from disparate sources, with the goal of providing the insights necessary to help Leaf’s client engagement team drive savings, retention, and growth for our partners.

Calvin has a software engineering background of over 20 years, with a third of that time spent in the pharmacy benefits
space building Med-D and PDE audit systems. His experience shows a strong focus on the full life cycle development of custom solutions in high-volume, heavily regulated industries.

His supporting skillsets include developing requirements, data architecting and modeling, project management, developing test cases for QA, and working in Agile environments.

Calvin embraces a business-first philosophy that helps him bridge the gap between stakeholders and the development team.

Coral Snow-Ferguson - Director of Client Engagement

Coral Snow-Ferguson

Director of Client Engagement

Coral has been a member of the Leaf Health team since February 2023. She has more than 20 years of healthcare experience in the prescription management industry.

Coral’s responsibilities include developing new business opportunities and fostering client relationships. She has strong expertise in account management, implementations, pharmacy audits and strategic planning.

Coral has proven success in driving positive change, creating cultures of accountability, delivering quality improvements and operational effectiveness.

Ashlea Humphries

Director of Client Engagement

With over 15 years of experience in client engagement, notably within the healthcare sector since 2009, Ashlea is a seasoned professional, adept at fostering lasting relationships and driving unparalleled client satisfaction.

Ashlea has successfully served in various capacities, including roles within a brokerage, HR, and the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) space, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the industry from multiple vantage points.

Now, as Director of Client Engagement, Ashlea stands ready to further her impact, in developing new business opportunities and nurturing client relationships. Her proactive communication style instills confidence and trust, positioning her as a valued advisor to clients.

Jeff Auten

Director Clinical Consulting

Since November 2023, Jeff has led the development of all Leaf Health clinical programs. Beginning as a Clinical Pharmacist at Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy in 2016, he managed 340b programs and patients with HIV and chronic inflammatory conditions. With over 8 years in Specialty Pharmacies, Jeff’s roles included Pharmacy Manager at Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy, overseeing operations, business development, and clinical support. His expertise spans prior authorizations, infusion medications, copay assistance, and alternative funding, enhancing Leaf Health’s clinical initiatives with comprehensive knowledge and experience.

Rebecca Wells


Rebecca brings over 20 years of banking and finance experience as a Certified Public Accountant. Specializing in data utilization, she offers valuable insights for decision-making. Formerly a partner in her own accounting firm, Rebecca worked across diverse industries, simplifying financial complexities. Her focus is on clarifying financial language to alleviate ambiguity and stress. In her role, she optimizes financial operations, aiding Leaf Health’s strategic goals with precision and efficiency.

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