An Advocate You Can Trust

Leveraging more than three decades of industry experience, the Leaf Health team utilizes a high-touch, customer-focused approach to create and execute a customized plan that meets the unique needs of every client.

We work collaboratively to develop the tools you need to improve member experience and tackle the challenges you’re facing.

Our Solutions

Our custom solutions range from pharmacy benefits consulting tailored to your needs to discount programs to help your clients and members minimize their costs.

Our pharmacy benefits consulting services include:

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RFP Assistance

Finding the right PBM matters and getting there requires an expert set of eyes to guide you through the process. Leaf Health makes it easy for you to find a PBM through claim-driven analytics and qualitative assessment.

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Contract Negotiation

Leaf Health works with your PBM partners to negotiate and define contract terms on your behalf to ensure contracts benefit you. From improving buying power to auditing guarantees, Leaf Health is here to support you.

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Medical Rx Consulting

Leaf Health is here to assist in your vendor selection, benefits review, and plan decisions. We establish a communication cadence in sync with your business and decision-making cycles. We use a high-touch approach and tailored consulting model that aligns with your business and growth goals.

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Contract Oversight

Leaf Health provides contract oversight to ensure your PBM partners are following their contractual obligations through claims monitoring. We also assess specialty drug discounts, confirm dispensing fees, verify network discount guarantees, and perform pricing audits.

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Medical Rebate Management

These are new monies available to plan sponsors addressing drugs utilized under the medical benefit. To learn more about qualifications and further details of our medical rebate management, reach out to us

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Leaf Health

Leaf Health works with you to provide Medical Rx consulting to maximize medical rebates and effectively manage utilization, PA processes, SPD- review through prior authorization, and medical management services. We also provide copay assistance using J Code and pool together solutions for Gene Therapy.

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Rebate Aggregation

Leaf Health is your connection to the pharmaceutical manufacturer and your partner in rebate aggregation. We work to:

  • Secure best-in-class pricing
  • Arrange full rebate remuneration
  • Provide precise and detailed reporting
  • Establish low administration fees

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Our discount programs include:

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Health and Benefit Savings

  • Dental Save up to 70% at 80,000 different market-leading dental providers.
  • Telemedicine Access 24/7 telemedicine appointments.
  • Vision Save up to 60% through our discounted vision program at over 12,000 providers.
  • Chiropractic Care Save 30-50% on chiropractic care.
  • Hospital Care Save up to 70% on labs, MRIs, CT scans, and bloodwork through our Hospital and Health Advocacy programs.
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