About Our Practice

Rx continues to dominate the conversation and the dollars are impactful. Leaf Health provides innovative and creative strategies allowing you retain the economics of your pharmacy benefit offering with no sacrifice to patient care and outcomes.

Leaf’s approach is a focused, high-touch, tailored model that aligns with your business and growth goals.  

Our leverage is derived by our experience and tenacity.  Our team has been involved in the PBM and healthcare space for over 25 years. Combined, our team has completed well over 200 PBM procurements and audits.

Pharmacy Consulting


RFP Services

The right PBM matters.  Getting there requires an expert set of eyes to guide you through the process.  We make it easy for you through claim driven “apples to apples”  analytics and qualitiative assessment, customized to your individual program and objectives.  


Contract Negotiation

PBMs price to win business and contract to secure their margins.  We are there to define and protect on clear contract language and to avoid the “million dollar“ clauses embedded in these agreements. 


Client Support

Leaf Health’s approach is a high-touch, tailored Consulting model that aligns with your business and growth goals. We are there to aid in your vendor selection, benefit review and plan decisions. We establish a communication cadence in sync with your business and decision making cycles. 

Innovative Strategies

Innovative Strategies

Innovative Strategies


Leaf recognizes the immense acceleration of changes in the market from Carrier and PBM consolidation, Rx rebates offered at the point of service and budget crushing specialty drug costs.  

Leaf collaboratively develops important tools to improve our clients’ position. 


Innovative Strategies

Innovative Strategies


Leaf Health's pharmacy consulting services will assess the PBM’s financial performance via 100% claims monitoring to thoroughly analyze the PBM relationship for contract compliance.

· Verify network discount guarantees for brand and generic, including retail and mail order pricing

Assess specialty drug discounts 

Confirm dispensing fees

Pricing audit that captures the entire calendar year and annual price guarantees offered by the PBM

Medical Rebates

Innovative Strategies

Medical Rebates


These are new monies available to Plan Sponsors addressing drug's utilized under the medical benefit.  Contact Us about qualification and further details.